New Life evolving

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Apr 062012
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The dawn of every day brings new life and new hope to the planet that we live on.
How often do you hear the phrase “It will be ok in the morning”. So often this is true. We worry about such silly little things in life and forget that life itself is fantastic.
If everybody, instead of worrying all the time and stressing out, got up once a week and went somewhere quiet just to see watch the sunrise in complete solitude I'm sure most of our worries would just melt away.
This was an image of such a morning………..

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  4 Responses to “New Life evolving”

  1. Im lucky enough to have seen this stunning view myself.

    Im sure that it equally stunning every morning, perhaps in a slightly different way each day. However Im guessing that there is someone there to view it on only one in ten occasions. Wasteful arnt we……

  2. Love what you have seen here, a great place and time for some solitude.

  3. I’m always fascinated by your spin on things Ferg – love the way you take a landscape somewhere else again.

  4. Again great image and great words Ferg

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