Body in Motion

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Apr 052012
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I was just thinking. ….I have been busy and haven’t made any images lately and I need to send something through to Ferg. So I thought I will have a quick look and see what’s in lightroom It occurred to me that there might be something I have taken that is relevant to me now. This jumped out. An iphone picture. A body moving, striding, through life. Open above. That is me at the moment I found and processed this picture.


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  3 Responses to “Body in Motion”

  1. Previsualisation might have worked pretty well for Ansell, but, like you have here, I often dont discover what i have really captured untill I get to the computer

  2. The sand tells all sorts of stories once one starts to observe. Or it’s being at the intersection of the two elements that opens us up. Love this, and the fact that you’ve used an iphone image (and you too Ian!).

  3. well seen and created Tim. I can see a torso and ribcage

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