Isabella at 17

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Apr 032012
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Can a photo enable us to accurately ‘pin’ an expression?

Isabella is Nancy’s grand-daughter and Georgia’s twin sister.  The twins are intelligent and highly successful students – and [mostly] a delight.  And, otherwise, so different.  At seventeen they were both in their last year of high school.  This year they’re at university.  They’ve gone their separate ways with Georgia at Otago and Izzie staying in Christchurch to go to Canterbury.

I’ve always thought this was a lovely image of Izzie. She is pretty, but she’s also quite shy and struggles with relaxing in front of a camera.  I can’t quite put a finger on how to describe her expression – is she tentative, impatient, nervous, bored, annoyed, relaxed?  Or does it not matter?  Or perhaps we both simply got lucky with me pressing the shutter at the exact 1/125th of a second when her facial expression passed over a ‘lovely’ thought?  Or perhaps she’d just considered how much she’d like to stick a chopstick up my nostril?  Who knows?  I’m inclined to think that the less obvious emotions are easy to misdiagnose, especially when crammed into that 1/125th of a second.

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  3 Responses to “Isabella at 17”

  1. Regardless if she wanted to shove a chopstick up your nose, you have caught an expression,a moment in time when she is trying to work out the right angle to shove the chopstick, to me it seems she just wants it over with, but regardless of what, it is a great image, the eyes are wonderful, well done, each viewer will see a different expression, doesn’t matter.

  2. I get tentative but trusting.

    But again its all about the eyes. I love that you have emphasised them by using a background which matches and brings them out

  3. Trying to read a teenage girls mind? A differecult task indeed. You seem to have captured a Girl of spirit though. The correct answer is probably all of the above.

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