In the Elements

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Apr 022012
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It was cold and foggy – a thick woolly coat probably helped.

I made this image some time ago. When I made it I was thinking about composing square images so I cropped it square immediately. Perhaps it was a phase I was going through.

Recently I was putting together a group of these square images. This one had something about it that I liked but it just wasn't quite right. Then I pushed the reset button in Lightroom and the square crop went away. Suddenly the image came to life.

This is another good example of needing to get out of my own way to let the image speak…….

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  4 Responses to “In the Elements”

  1. Nice image, thanks for sharing, you are right, it is best to get out of your own way.

  2. As you know Ian, i am still working though this issue you raise. I think it is to do with awareness. Sometimes we need be aware to keep our minds open. But at other times it is fruitful to channel our energy and awareness in order to extend ourselves. The trick is to still keep our minds open either within that channel or open to the possibility that we no longer need to pursue that path. Intention and attention are still necessary – sometimes with direction, sometimes to get out of our own way.


  3. It is very appealing, with the wave of sheep, the tree with character mimicking the shape of the wave, and then the diagonal of the hill and the fog- works great for me.

  4. It is a wonderful image Ian, and this crop is best but you were working on a set with some parameters that make the set work better so that is valid too. but I do agree the biggest challenge is getting out of our own way.

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