The Blank Canvas – Jan Driscoll

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The canvas is ready – white, pristine. The brushes wait in their jar…but the artist is awol, she's swapped her usual artists tools for a camera!
This image is a re-working of an earlier one, one that was the defining moment when I finally saw my photography as an art form rather than the reference tool it long had been. It took a long time for that penny to drop, probably because the earthquakes threw so much into disarray.
Now my canvas is a computer screen, my brushes and paint, a camera, and what used to take me 3 weeks to paint now takes me 3 hours – and at my time of life every minute counts!

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  6 Responses to “The Blank Canvas – Jan Driscoll”

  1. I really like the simplicity of your image Jan, it works so well.

  2. Simple but true, we use a blank canvas to tell a story, doesn’t matter how long it takes. Thanks for sharing, Scott

  3. Hi Jan – welcome to aGathering.

    Its always interesting to hear people compare photography with other visual arts.

    I was listening to a podcast recently where a painter observed that a photographer must capture a time and a place, where he as a painter can invent (and reinvent if he wants) anything at all.

  4. I think photography allows the subject to speak fo itself, often with surprising results. It can also speak about th photographer without their concious knowledge.

  5. Ths is a wonderful image, even without your profound words. The colour palette is amazing, so is the composition. Love it!!

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