Cape Foulwind 2

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Mar 272012
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Yes I do colour, this is a series of images that I took on a trip to Westport.  I spent a lot of time at this location waiting for the right light, well right for my eye. I took a series of shots here, five in total all portrait shape. Using some fancy software I created this image, I like it hope you do.
Its good to go somewhere & sit & wait for the action to come to you, wait for the light, capture the moment.  Then take it home & spent the time it takes to create the vision you have in your head, give your image the respect it needs, to get the
results you want.
Then send your image into the world, it has a life of its own & if you have done a good job, viewers will be moved!

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  1. Pauline: I am intrigued with people who have the patience to “sit and wait” for a shot. I am too restless to do that, patience has long been a difficult lesson for me. I rarely see a completed image before taking a shot – I am completely at the mercy of the “now” moment, sometimes I don’t even know that there has been a “now” until I download the images. I’m looking forward to when we can all get together and see each other in action, that is one of the best attributes of this site, the differences which challenge us.

  2. Another powerful landscape scott.

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