The Fire Burns Within

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Mar 262012
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Even though we are all different in many ways we are all the same in one way, within each one of us is a fire smouldering away. There is something that “spins our wheels”, that motivates us to launch and achieve something.
Often we aren't aware of the fire until one day something happens, we may see something on TV, in the newspaper or as most of us do now see something on the internet or a social media outlet. Whatever it may be or whoever the motivation may come from its important that we act on these impulses at some level. We cannot afford to try and park these impulses as they are far too strong to be ignored.

This is our soul talking to us…….

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  5 Responses to “The Fire Burns Within”

  1. Whiskey, seriously you are spot on big guy. The more you listen to your soul, the more you will hear the call.

  2. Ferg, I think you have been hanging out too long with Jen and me. I like your image though.

  3. Very cool Ferg – but hot I suppose……

  4. Woooah! Doing my weekly/monthly trawl back through the images I’ve missed since my last visit and you throw this one at me. Fantastic image Ferg, and words to go with it.

  5. Great image. I love the way it radiates out from the central fire.

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