Celestial Octaves

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Mar 242012
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Consider this: all vibrations moving through matter (and through man) develop precisely as a musical octave develops. A harmonious individual is like a fully evolved octave and is capable through the final “note” DO, at the top of the given scale, of striking a single new note, or impulse, into a greater scale above.
Does our life evolve ever upward, just as the notes of a developing octave evolve into higher, more resonant scales of existence?


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  3 Responses to “Celestial Octaves”

  1. Yes our lives do develop, but we have to have some input to do this, if we sit back & let it happen for us, then we dont. Art is the same if you dont experience interesting things how are you going to produce interesting art.
    I sometimes feel like that robot from the movie back in the 80s or 90s, more input, more input, the desire for knowledge is getting stronger, perhaps life is like a good musical piece it takes time to develop.Do a deer a female deer ray a drop of golden sun??????????????????????????

    Scott, more whiskey

  2. Looks like you have photographed harmonious chaos. Music in other words…..

  3. Great image and words. The music that is life is a joy to experience. But in your work you are able to read the score .that might be the next level.

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