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Mar 232012
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What to do when there’s lots of action but not enough light…. 
It was evening and the bright lights in the stadium lit up the match.  But sitting in the stands there still wasn’t enough light for me to freeze the action.  I tried panning, but that only helped if they happened to be running across in front of me.  Just as I was starting to get a bit grumpy about the useless images I was capturing, something finally started working between my ears. 
I’d gone to the match with a preconception about the images I wanted to capture.  I had to forget all that.  So, instead of ramping up the ISO and widening the aperture to get the fastest possible shutter speed (which left me with grainy and slightly fuzzy images), I shut the ISO back down to 100 and started playing with slow shutter speeds!  I was lucky the team colours were so vibrant against the bright green grass – black or green just wouldn’t have had the same effect. 
I came home with a stack of images I think are really neat, and up until the point when the nice security lady came along and told me I wasn’t allowed to take photos any longer, I’d had a ball.
FYI – don’t pull out a Canon L series lens at a big game … the professionals, who have paid to take images from the sidelines, don’t like it.  I think they would have felt differently if they’d seen my images. 

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  1. I like that you have made a timeless image here about energy and the flow of the game. The “pro” photographers juat made images of that game, which was forgotten by rhe next week

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