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Mar 222012
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For some time I have been doing some photography for the Christchurch Riding for the Disabled (the RDA).
This image is from a series I did about a little girl named Tessa and her horse Gypsy. Tessa has a disease which makes walking difficult but when she is on Gypsy she is really in her element and excels.
I have made advertising banners, done a series of “horsetraits” of their herd and last Christmas we put together a calendar.
But my point is not to say “look what I have done for them” but to it is to say “look what a wonderful opportunity I have had”. This is a huge win for me. I have a “client” who offers me photographic challenges, an audience who enjoy looking at the work and a supply of models to experiment with.
On top of that I can do as much as I like without feeling at all guilty about pinching work from a professional and contributing to the demise of commercial photography.
We are already planning next year's calendar. I'm shooting a series of environmental portraits of members of the volunteer team. That is a great way to improve my “Strobist” skills.
I cant wait……..

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