Mar 212012
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A view from a friend, our own Jenny Couldrey.

One thing one can always rely on with Tracey is inventiveness, creativity and exceptional attention to detail all driven by a very quirky sense of humour. She says about this image – “ … it's probably a postcard to myself…”.  I don't disagree  – and one can read an awful lot into this image that is true of her and this point in her art. While she remains very true to photography in it's purist sense, what she manages to achieve with her studio set design, fantastical ideas and post processing takes her photographs somewhere other than straight representation. Layers of meaning and symbolism in there that are both intentional and unconscious.

A background and qualifications in Fine Arts, cartoonist, stock library photography and; prior to setting up a successful professional photography business; a 20 year tenure as a news photographer through to Chief Photographer, has contributed in so many ways to the work Tracey does today in it's breadth and depth. She's gained her Fellowship through PSNZ and last year achieved Master of Photography with NZIPP, in addition to frequent awards at both NZ and International Salons, and, no matter how busy, is always willing to spend significant time, knowledge and her experience helping others achieve their own goals through photography.

I'm always looking forward to seeing her next work – it's never going to be a dull one.

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  4 Responses to “Kirsty plays the clown – Tracy Robinson”

  1. This is so Kool Tracy thank you for sharing.

  2. I’m so glad you accepted the invitation to post on our site. Once again your work inspires me, I love the way you bring together the elements of your imagination and craft them so astutely for us to enjoy. You sure throw down the gauntlet to challenge us to match you.

  3. Your imagination has no limits Tracy, this is wonderful thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for sharing – if the postcard to you is about showing your creative side then you sure took notice.

    I had a wander around your website and found sone wonderful images.

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