All shook up

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Mar 132012
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A light hearted look at a serious subject.

I created this image in July 2011. I’d got over the worst of my stresses about the earthquakes.  I’d had enough of the blighters, but at least I no longer broke down in tears – all thanks to a twenty minute NLP session with the wonderful Alison Gallate.  It was such a relief!  Anyway, it was time for a little bit of fun, though to be honest I don’t actually remember being happy as I created it.  Maybe it was fun in terms of letting off a bit of steam.

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  3 Responses to “All shook up”

  1. Oh yes Vicki, I think you have captured the feeling and the attitude absolutely spot on. Im feeling it again just looking at this image.

  2. Might be a useful look…

    You can get it out again when someone uploads a 15mb PSD titled “misty dawn” for the NZ camera

  3. Nicely done.

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