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Mar 122012
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I met Pete Majendie briefly as I viewed his installation of 185 Empty white chairs.

There were lots of people viewing the chairs when I was there. I had never seen any of them before but it was obvious that Pete was the artist. He had a manner about him, as he chatted with those who wanted to talk, which made it clear that he knew each chair intimately.
“Hi, Im guessing that you are Pete” I said when I saw that he was free. He encouraged me to wander in the chairs and make lots of photographs. “Come back at night when the lights are on” he said – and I did.
“Can you indulge me with a quick portrait?” I asked
“Where do you want me?” he replied.
In the nearest shade I had time for 4 frames before he had to talk to someone else. The focus was out on 2 ( a bit of an issue with a lensbaby) but this one I am very happy with….

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  2 Responses to “Pete”

  1. And you should be happy, Ian. That is such a neat portrait!

  2. Bugger! I know Pete and he’s never been up for a photo, even though he’s got such a great face. You have captured his spirit beautifully. Well done!

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