Mar 112012
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I’ve been told for a while now by some much higher powers than me that like life our photography is a journey, one that is (or should be) always moving, changing direction but having threads of where we have been.
For me this is one such image, it’s a reflection of a what is behind me (where I’ve been), while it has a clear view of what is ahead and an outline of what is now. This image is part of a slowly increasing body of work that is all about the reflections within window frames and their interesting way of making different images within themselves, they are about what we see, what we don’t see and what we think we see.
These are single images that I basically make in the camera, there is nothing added into them, however I am trying to make the next image more complex than the last one, so that the viewer is always seeing something different each time they view an image, to make them question what it is they are seeing.
So as you stand in front of this window look closely, for as it is a real image and nothing has been deleted or added there is something missing….

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  5 Responses to “Seeing through the reflection – Rodney Adamson”

  1. Wow Rodney, a stunning post. The journey in life is the destination. Its not an accident that we are evolving as we travel through the years its the reason for being!!!

  2. And where is your reflection??….

  3. Hi Rodney,

    I really like this. While I have seen images of dramatic reflections it is the simplicity here that is appealing.

    That you are developing a body of similar work is a great example of how once we notice things we see them more and more.

  4. Thank you all for inviting me to be part of this special site Ferg, I’m very honoured to have been asked as the standard of work people are doing here is outstanding. You are right Pauline, there is no photographer and that took a bit of doing, it’s a fact that most people don’t pick up on oddly enough. Yes Ian, I’ve always been told, once you see 1 bear in the forest you will see lots of them & I’ve found that to be true for just about everything I do, again thanks everyone for the opportunity to show my images.

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