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Mar 082012
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I cannot compete with you guys who take lots of images of horses but to keep the theme going I will throw my one and only image into the ring. This portrait is of Flash, a Shetland pony owned by a relative of mine.
A CPS judge did not rate it because it was not sharp. I had softened it to make Flash look more friendly. You cannot get it right sometimes. Mind you, I still prefer this version to the sharper one.

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  2 Responses to “Flash”

  1. Im with you John Im really enjoying this image. The horse looks so warm and friendly and you can see clearly in his eyes how contented he is. Its as if he is looking at me directly out of the image.

  2. Judging has a place if you want to aspire to a pre determioned “standard”, but the problem is judges are always trying to find what is wrong with an image.

    I think club photographers would be better served finding viewers who want to enjoy the images and the stories they tell.

    Flash looks like such happy and relaxed little guy that its impossible not to smile back.

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