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Mar 072012
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I recently bought a bottle of single malt from the Ardbeg Distillery called Corryvreckan, very nice, just the right amount of peat for me, nice nose, full of inspiration. Corryvreckan is the third largest whirlpool in the world & it is situated between 2 islands off the west coast of Scotland, Jura & Scarba. Well during most of 1984 I spent living 3 miles from Corryvreckan at a place called Kinuachdrach & would walk to the end of the island regularly to see the whirlpool in action. The smell of the whiskey & the though of Corryvreckan took me back to the time I lived there living in an old crofters house.
One evening I was sampling a small dram when this mad idea came into my head so I started to work on this image & this is what came of it, it took me by surprise as Ideas came flooding into my head & I started to make layer after layer till I came to the point where my heart said enough.
Not too sure what the image is trying to say. Perhaps, well, maybe, it is some deep subconscious artistic whiskey fueled sense of humor, as well as a great influence from Dominic Rouce.
You make up your own mind, there’s another one on the apple canvas, this one might take a bit longer, bit more thought going into it, hope so & not too much whiskey. Wish me luck?

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  4 Responses to “At the door”

  1. Good luck, Scott! Looking forward to seeing your next whiskey-induced creation. 🙂

  2. Great Scott! (oops, apologies to Rocky Horror)

    Anyway – love where you’re going with this fantasy stuff. Have another dram. The whirlpool must be having some influence too.

  3. your creativity is tops, Scott. Your “cutting” and “pasting” is well done – and the final image is great. Somehow it reminds me of the tales of Narnia!!! – That wardrobe on another world – your door through to the waterfall is fatnastic

  4. Works for me!

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