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Mar 052012
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This probably should be an audio post. But here we have a multiple exposure made at a drum festival in Little River, that I went to with Ann and Ian.

Why do we have the arts?
Why can some art , whether photography, music for whatever, provoke such a response in us that we laugh for cry? We are not built with anything we don't need to survive.
I have long figured that it is basically pattern recognition. An ability to see something meaningful in what is in front of us. Some of these things are simple, some are incredibly complex. Much more complex than our conscious mind can comprehend . That understanding allows us to better respond to that situation again or create or build something ourselves.. It would seem that these patterns or coded messages are a means of taping into some higher information, our subconscious ? God? Moreover they seem to be around us all the time, we just need to look.

Drumming is perhaps the most basic form of this. A simple beat that invokes a primal response, that actually makes your body want to move. Powerful . You are looking at this on a machine that works buy a stream on electrical drum beats , 1s and 0 s . Powerful.

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  2 Responses to “Drum Messenger”

  1. The thing that was so powerful about the drum festival was that the patterns you speak of were multidimensional.

    Not only could we see the drumers and their passion but we could hear and really feel the beats.

    its difficult to transfer that all to a 2 dimensional representation.

    You did a great job with this image

  2. Oh Tim, my first response was to the picture – what a perfect way to capture that/those moments. Then I read the words and you’ve set me of on a whole new tangent. I hadn’t thought of responses that way before. Thank you

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