Te Rerenga Wairua

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Mar 042012
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On my bucket list was the wish to fly around New Zealand in a small plane so that I could see the land with a birds eye.  I have many treasured views of that flight but one that I was particularly moved to see was the meeting of the two oceans, the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean at the northern tip of the North Island.
Otherwise known as Cape Reinga this place is more commonly referred to by Maori as the leaping off  place of the spirits.  The spirits make their way to the  ancient Pohutukawa tree burgeoning from a cleft in the rock of the headland, slide down the roots of this aged tree and release their hold on Aotearoa as the great doors of kelp part to reveal the way into the underworld. They emerge from the ocean and climb to the highest point of the Three Kings Islands, to solemnly bid their last farewells to Aotearoa.
When the ritual has been completed their tupuna (ancestors) compel them to turn and they will never look back again, as on turning an overwhelming sense of love enters their spirit as their tupuna reveal the path of their final journey.
They re-enter the ocean to the underworld with eagerness as their tupuna draw them towards their open welcoming arms as they wait for their arrival to Hawaiiki-A-Nui, their ancestral homeland.
This image is a merging of my head and my heart as I looked back over the two oceans and imagined my spirit one day returning to its homeland too.

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  1. Your imagination to visualise and then create this image is superb Pauline. We drove to Te Reinga in early February this year, and my image is made on the land and definitely much more literal than your creation which is wonderful. Mine is on flickr and I can send you the link if you want it. I did see the spirits though, mine were in the rain and clouds and the different colours of the water where the two oceans meet. It is an amazing and very spiritual place. Thank you for sharing your heart and your head.

  2. I love the way heaven and earth relate to one another and the spirit move between. Beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous – a feather light touch and you have the spirit.

  4. Stunning, Pauline. Your image has a 3D quality that encourages me to step into the frame and to take flight.

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