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Mar 022012
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On the site of the fallen Baptist Church, laid out on 185 square meters of new grass, stand 185 empty white chairs.

Viewers are invited to sit – “choose one that speaks to you of those who died as a result of the 22nd February earthquake”, the sign says.
At times photographs are criticised when they depict “other people's art”. For me, however, that a photographer has been drawn to make an image of an art piece is an huge compliment to the artist. The point of making the photograph to show how the art has moved you.
I made a number of different images of the chairs but this one expressed my feelings best. I didnt find that one chair spoke to me. Instead, as I stood in the middle, I was taken by the variety or individuality which surrounded me. There were big flashy chairs, plain and quietly spoken chairs, babys chairs, a wheel chair and many more. 185 individual chairs.
Yet, all painted white, they spoke as one.

If you are not lucky enough to have seen it there is a good write up here – http://adriennerewiimagines.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/185-chairs-church.html

In Pete's words – “This installation is temporary – as is life”

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  6 Responses to “185 empty chairs”

  1. I think this is an example of how we are at long last learning to explore, publicly, our reactions to our emotions. I can see nothing wrong with responding to an artitst’s work by one of your own. I think it adds to and extends the ripples that we create when we dip our finger into the pool of life. Well worth the journey Ian.

  2. Nice Ian. You have added your own artistic vision to this. A particularly clever one I must say. So that makes it art in its own right rather than documenting the art work.

  3. Well said Tim and well made Ian. A great homage to another artist AND 185 people including our photography friend and associate – Stephen. You have made this ephemeral art piece into a permanant memory

  4. I loved the installation as I do your representation of it.

  5. That is just fantastic, Ian. Well done!

  6. This one stopped me in my tracks, then on reading I was so glad to see that you hadn’t let any platitudes about photographing other people’s art stop you RESPONDING to someone else’s art. Isn’t that what it’s all about? And isn’t that what we find ourselves doing here? What I love so much about this site is that in seeing the images and words that everyone else posts, often I’m gifted a new way of seeing and developing ideas that have been percolating. Thank you.

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