Water – Lynn Clayton

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Mar 012012
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You will see
More colours than a rainbow
Well, just as many
Depending on your mind-set
You can discover them all
Not at the same time maybe
You will see
Water reflects our moods and the world around us
Keep on looking
You will see
Patterns, colours, spirits and more
Is there an end to seeing
I hope not
Precious as Gold, fluid and bright
You will see

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  8 Responses to “Water – Lynn Clayton”

  1. Impressed, a beautiful photo, and oh yes how fluid life is. Congratulations on being a guest of aGathering. Beautiful photo. X

  2. ah yes, how fluid life itself is, the ebb and flow, and that photo is just a reminder. Congratulation on being a guest of agathering.

  3. Hi Lynn welcome to agathering & thanks for sharing your lovely image

  4. Yes you will see and keep seeing as time changes everything so quickly, the colours, the form, the interpretations and representations. I know you will be a great contributor to this wonderful site Lynn.

  5. What lovely words to go with your image, a lady of many talents!! Welcome to aGathering and thank you for sharing with us all.

  6. Hi Lynn and welcome.

    You are right that water is special. It draws us like moths to a flame.

    I sometimes wonder if that is a trait stronger in kiwis with our land so water dominated.

    Whatever…Lets just go with it!!

  7. Indeed – a lyrical image. Beautiful!

  8. Thankyou all for the encouragement and your own inspirational work.

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