High Cross

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Feb 262012
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Top of Irelands highest mountain, the cross is a memorial to all the people who have died on this mountain. We were going to try a different way down, but lucky for us there was a break in the weather & we got this view, at this time we met a couple of Irelands trampers & they put us straight, “there is no way you want to go that way that is the reason for the cross”. Thanks for that so we went back down the way we came up, the weather cleared again when we were at the bottom & the route we were going to take was over a 200ft cliff.
Sometimes you met people through your life that changes it, is there as reason for this, right time, right place or is there a greater power.
 There is a saying through many disciplines that when the student is ready the master will appear. I believe this.
If we keep our minds open we will be creative.

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  1. I like that Scott. Not only creative (as in the aGathering context) but also very wise .

  2. Very strong image Scott.

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