The Gift

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Feb 242012
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Sometimes things just make you wonder.  I was standing in a paddock watching my horses when I happened to glance up at the sky.  There wasn’t a bird in sight, no real breeze just this feather drifting down and down, back and forward, softly, softly and landing at my feet.  What else could I do with such a gift but to photograph it.  And now you may share the gift too.

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  6 Responses to “The Gift”

  1. Like Forrest Gumps mum said “life’s like a box of chocolates , you never know what your going to get” Tim

  2. I love the movie “Forest Gump” – it must have been prompting me for this image – Pauline

  3. You know who really likes Forrest Gump, JENNY!!!

  4. Gosh, fancy spending a recent photographic retreat with her and failing to bring that one out into the light. I trust your holiday was good.

  5. Perhaps it was a sign Jenny, lovely image thanks for sharing

  6. I’m always picking up feathers, Pauline. But I rarely photograph them, for some reason. I walk along with them in my fingers, just touching the little fluffy ones like your one, or stroking the filaments of the larger and more mature feathers, to get them to ‘stick’ to each other. I usually end up putting them down somewhere later. Your image is beautiful and reminded me of my ‘habit’. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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