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It’s all about the eyes ….
This beautiful young woman is Nancy’s granddaughter, and one of my partner, Nigel’s, non-identical twin daughters.  We bundled them off to the graffiti-covered old sales’ sheds next to Hagley Park (Christchurch) for a ‘shoot’ for their seventeenth birthday.

I’ve spent ages trying to write this next paragraph.  I want to talk about Georgia’s eyes.  About how they’re like Nigel’s.  About how I edited them to make them stand out even more.  I’ve re-written the paragraph several times, and this will be the last time.  And it’s nothing like the other attempts, but it’s running off my fingers a lot more quickly. Anyway, it’s about the eyes.  I just think more should be said.  I should be explaining myself more.  But I don’t know what else to say.  Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb ….  That should do it. 

Hmmm ….. I wonder if I should ‘move’ from hands to eyes.  There’s a thought.


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  5 Responses to “Georgia”

  1. Fantastic. It is about the eyes. They go the deepest. But hands are important too. I wonder if it is because after the eyes, it is the hands we use to communicate either visually or by touch.

    Thank you for sharing. And keep capturing both.

  2. Beautiful portrait Vicki, Georgia must be so pleased with it.

  3. Yes it is about the eyes and these beautiful eyes are beautifully photographed.

    I think that eyes have so much, in part, because they have a continuity. That she has “her fathers eyes” is huge.

    Eyes also seem to have a cumulative impact. We notice them, so become aware of them and so notice them more. So for me it is not only valid to “edit to make them stand out” it is essential to do that to portray the essence of the person as you see them.

    Great picture

  4. Beautiful. The window to the soul. Beautiful soul.

  5. John – yes. Communication is important to me. Thank you for spelling it out so clearly for me.
    Ferg – Thank you. If I recall correctly, Georgia’s first response was something like “WOW!”. 🙂
    Ian – “her father’s eyes” is huge, to me. Thank you for being so insightful.
    Tim – she is a beautiful soul – like her father! 🙂
    Thank you all.

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