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Feb 222012
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Every image we make captures a moment in time, a feeling, a memory and this particular image captures a life changing moment.
The moment it captured was precisely 12.51pm on the 22nd of February 2011, a year ago today. The day that Christchurch collapsed. It was taken a split second before I grabbed on to the back of our car in terror as the shaking took hold.
 It was also the day a lot of lives were lost and a whole lot more suddenly changed and scarred forever.
Among the aGathering group we lost homes, jobs, businesses and most importantly of all friends.
Today I think of all those effected and hope that there is a brighter future ahead for us all.

Life is great, enjoy it.

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  1. Having just finished watching the memorial service today and seeing a member of our happy band, John Suckling, at the end of the coverage passing on his thoughts about Christchurch I must say how proud I am to know John after seeing just what he has helped build in the Cashel Mall in the city. With people like John in Christchurch I see a bright future for the city.

  2. It was a moment in time that changed all our lives that live in Chch, but we must go on, thanks to wonderful people like our very own John Suckling this is going to happen.

  3. Perfect Ferg, the hairs on my arms shot up as I read your post and took the time to look at the image and allow all that was encompassed there to flow over me. It is the people, the people, the people.

  4. Now that is my kind of image. Ferg, I hope you are not catching my bad habits!

    I guess that was the last image you made that day that did not have camera shake!

  5. Great picture Ferg.

    It tells of a compulsory, immediate and drastic change of direction that was required by everyone.

    Im sure that we are going in the right direction even if we dont yet know where we are heading.

  6. What a strong image. Of ground, cracked ground, defining arbitrary zones and a change in direction. What an image to make just BEFORE the feb earthquake.

  7. Not sure on first glimpse of this image why my thoughts felt still…ahh then read when image was shot..this is perfect.

  8. This image created a shiver up my back…twice Well done.

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