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As  “Dad with a camera” I have photographed lots of horse events. My daughter regularly presents me with a list of back numbers with strict instructions for images of her friends.
Making the pictures presents an interesting challenge, because her vision is different to mine.
 I have a sense of the overall flow of what is happening. I can see the tension the rider is feeling and the way the horse and rider work together (or dont!) , but I have no clue when it comes to the technical things going on. On the other hand the girls see rider style, they notice the horses feet position and they are interested in conformation strengths the animals have. Often the pictures I like are rubbished and they love some that I would have deleted.
I guess that is the nature of working for a client.
But I have noticed a change after having done it for a while.
Im starting to see like them.
 I notice the riders hand position and can see it effecting the horse. I get a sense of the rhythm of the horses gait and I can time my shot so the feet are correctly positioned in my picture. I see differences in conformation so that horses are not just “brown” or “white” any more.
To me this is one of the major reasons I love photography. Photography teaches me to see new things that I would not otherwise have noticed and it teaches me to see familiar things in new ways.

That said I still love blurry images like this…..

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  2 Responses to “At the Horse Event”

  1. I specialised in horse event photography for a number of years and there is a definite art in capturing the “perfect” look for the equestrian rider. It gets repetitive though so when I decided to do a closeup shot, vertical, of the horse and rider head on over a fence full of expression, and the client says you only got half the horse so its only worth half the price then I thought it was time to move on. Lol.

  2. Photogrphy teaches us different things, I know my levels of observation increase if I have my camera in my hand for sure. Im also more inclined to stop and “Smell the flowers”.

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