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Feb 172012
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What is it about front doors that fascinate me. Clearly design is one reason. But it goes deeper than that. They often reflect the type of person living in the building. Some treat a door purely functionally and do not give them much attention. Others give them a lot of attention – both in design and care.
Most of our houses in NZ are well back from the road or footpath and so the front door is often less of a statement. This image was made in Aix en Provence which is a very old town and the buildings are flush with the pavement and so have much more significance. I got up early and focussed on doorways before too many people were moving in and out and would have chased me away.
The person in these premises obviously cares – the door is well painted and the handles/knockers are polished. But the design says keep away this is a secure place.
Checked your front door recently – I just have and I think it needs a little bit of care and attention.

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  1. Got to say John I just love doors as well, What lies behind them, where do they lead.

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