Out of the Waterfall

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Feb 162012
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Not sure how this started, maybe a special malt from Islay, but once I got started my imagination went wild.
Last year was an interesting year all round, an emotional rollercoaster ride of highs & lows. Good whiskey & some not so good. I have spent a lot more time studying the why we take photographs.
 I have learned a lot about me & my creative side & how to get out of my own dam way to let my artistic juices do there stuff & stop worrying what others think about my images, I am my hardest critic, well apart from my lovely patient wife, I have to impress me first before I let my images out into the world.
I now image harvest; this is a concept of collecting images that I could use in the future when my skill level allows me to get the best out of the capture.
I am on a journey with my photography that has no destination, just stopovers, and a lifetime of them!

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  2 Responses to “Out of the Waterfall”

  1. I think Dominic Rouse has had an influence on your imagination here Scott.

  2. I need to get some of that special malt.

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