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Feb 112012
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This is my daughter and her horse Luke. I made it while they were competing in a dressage competition.

It is one of my favourites images of them.

The picture wasn't pre planned, but as it happened I did imagine it in the contrasty monochrome treatment. The exaggerated veins seemed to emphasize the horses power and the fact that he was listening to her talked of teamwork.

Once I had seen the potential and imagined the final result the rest just happened.

The picture is popular with my daughter and her friends. I have been asked several times to “take a picture like the one of Luke” . But, although I have made similar ones, I have not managed to get one of another horse which is quite as successful. Pre-planning seems to destroy the magic.

Sometimes images happen when they are meant to happen ….

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  1. Capturing that moment in time never to be repeated, that’s what you have achieved, great shot, full of emotion & expression, the horse is a wonderful animal, they are the mirror of who we are & sometime we dont like what we see? Scott:)


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