Life is Beautiful – Carol Campbell

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Feb 102012
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Yes, Life is Beautiful, you have to embrace every waking moment as we dont know what is around the next corner.
After the February earthquake in Christchurch I came to realise we are just a little dot on this planet, as much as you want to be in control of your own life Mother Nature is the more powerful and your direction and destiny can change in a moment.
Please cherish your loved ones and what the planet has to offer and each day take a moment to smell the flowers.

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  6 Responses to “Life is Beautiful – Carol Campbell”

  1. I agree whole heartedly, Carol. Great sign and well framed silhouetted head walking past.

  2. Great shot and message. Particularly like that it is on a brick wall. Everyone in Canterbury know what that means. Brick used to be called a permanent material . This lifetime is not permanent either. All the more reason to smell the flowers today.

  3. I’ve always thought this image is really neat! Welcome to aGathering, Carol – great to see you here!

  4. A very poignant image, a timeless message even if brick is not!

  5. Hi Carol – Great picture with a great message.

    Ferg – Give that girl a hug!!

  6. Hey Carol – love the image and the sentiments behind it. x

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