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Feb 092012
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Now for a bit of fun: After getting some inspiration from Vicki's creative composites and a beautiful fantasy piece by Ann Worthy a couple of weeks ago, I decided to knock some dust off the Photoshop skill set. I've had a seed of altered reality images germinating in the back of my head for a while; hopefully they will be pushing themselves more to the surface now because I really enjoy doing them when time permits or they scream loud enough to command my attention.

I have always been a bit of a 'creationist' photographer in that I tend to see the final image in my head before I start shooting as opposed to taking some raw material and getting lost in its calling. This effort was not overly complicated, and certainly still has some pretty rough edges, but still fairly satisfying. My goal was to get the 'wrist watch' to appear as though it was part of the forearm, following the contours of the muscle, bones and veins. I'd hoped for a bit more relief than I accomplished; leaning more to the Salvador Dali look without the melting. I took some care to light the separate clock and hand shots with identical lighting angles and similar perspectives to achieve a consistent pattern of shadows. When I first finished the wrist composite, the background was a bit unresolved. I did let the raw materials and some basic graphic design intuition speak to me to finish the job.

I do have an ongoing fascination with the concept of time and my personal interactions with it, so these types of images are likely to resurface here on occasion. Watch this space!

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  4 Responses to “Wrist Watch”

  1. Very cool, Dave. 🙂 Vicki

  2. looks like and MDC image for the month dave – well done

  3. Awesome image, Dave!

  4. I judged this recently…….. very creative indeed – I liked the simplicity you retained. Congrats.

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