Of Dreaming

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Feb 082012
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Using images for enlightenment on one's journey can be a good way to discover when the mind is attempting to reassert control.

I have wrestled with this image for not a few hours, trying to research my way to a meaning or some hints of my place at this time.  Therein may be the problem.

There is much that can be drawn from the symbolism I find here but maybe it is as simple as making a work of light from a toxic base. A reminder of how important our Mother Earth is to me, and for me to take some action, and stand up for my beliefs. For the base of this image comes from the Waiwhetu Stream in Lower Hutt; not long ago considered one of the most polluted waterways in NZ and the subject of a multimillion dollar restoration scheme.

Who would know? A prime feature of the stream when I was photographing was the rainbowed oil slick surface holding back the wind ripples into a slothful mirror of the atmosphere above, the incoming tide bringing with it the detritis of an uncaring population, despite the o so elegantly planted banks attempting to lure the wildlife back.

“Here, come swim/wade through the sludge to the wonderful nesting and breeding habitats we've made for you, you'll love it and flock back in your droves. We'll say we've made a difference.”


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  1. My kind of image Jen. I see an embrace there, the delicate and most powerful kind. I know what you mean. Having discovered how enlightening the image making process can be we want to use that power, but if we grasp it to tightly it disappears. Tim

  2. Lovely post Jen. Your ability to grasp a concept and make it come alive is inspiring to me. Thanks.

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