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Sailing through a strait somewhere, doesn’t matter where, but the lighthouse is the comfort, a guiding light in a storm. Who is the cross for I don’t know there were no names on it; I think it is for mariners who have died in this strait of water. The shed is used to power the lighthouse, they are all unmanned now, shame really. Would have been a great way of life for a lot of families around NZ.

This is an image I took a few years ago but only now I have the understanding to make a print of what I saw in my minds eye. This is an image that I enjoy & find a certain amount of emotion connected with it, a story for another time.

I created an image similar to this one & entered it in a local club competition, the judge throw it out, too pixelated for him, philistine. He obviously didn’t know what grain is. It was a shock to me to get nothing; I thought it was a winner, wrong. Now after many competitions all over the world, I have come to the understanding that as long as you like it that’s all that matters. The person I have to impress is ME, if others like my work that is a bonus that’s all.

Please enjoy

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  1. Having seen this many times Scott, I still enjoy the detal and feel of it. A competition is no place to get an opinion on a piece of art.

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