The Small Things

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Feb 032012
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I was thinking about my marriage that has seen me share my life with my partner for over 30 years.  I was wondering what makes a marriage last, what makes a great marriage.  I came up with two things.  I think a marriage has to have respect.  Respect for yourself, your partner, your endeavours, failures and dreams.  Respect for the land and the footprint we make.  Respect is the foundation on which love may grow.
And of all the profound things we may care to think about it is the small things that matter just as much.  The cup of tea that is placed beside you as you struggle late to meet a deadline, the picking up of a tea towel when you didn’t ask,  the gentle massage of an aching shoulder, the shared glance of understanding, the little whistling that tells you things are going well for your partner.  Which brings me to this image.  The tiniest feather, no more than 10 mm in length, was left lying in my hand when I picked up a thrush that had been killed when it flew into the house window.  A macro lens allowed me to see inside the small things that form the plumage of the thrush.  I was enthralled again by the exquisite construction of its form and function.  And again I remembered a quote I had used when I held my first exhibition – “As much of God is visible as we have eyes to see” .

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  8 Responses to “The Small Things”

  1. Beautiful. Perfection and imperfection, delicate but strong. And I love that quote.

  2. Exquisite, Pauline. Just exquisite.
    …Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror…
    Khalil Gibran

  3. Dainty and yet with a sense of steel, of unimagined strength. One other aspect of a strong relationship is taking the time to recognize the little things that make it work. You deserve that wonderful man.

  4. I love feathers – and yours is superb. Lovely words, lovely image

  5. You have done it again Pauline.

    Stunning in its simplicity but with incredible depth

  6. So perfect, Pauline. Thank you.

  7. Very nice

  8. Pauline, you manage to write words that talk to me continually, thanks for this. Yet again you inspire me to be a better person.

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