Gold Kiwi

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Feb 022012
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It got just a little bit messy ….                                   

….. a very fine slice of a delicious gold kiwi, placed on a clean glass dish, balanced precariously over an upturned desk lamp.  Thank goodness there were no shakes during that time!
I love seeing the detail in this image.  The little bubbles that I’ve never seen before and, honestly, have never noticed since.  The pips: some near the surface are black, and some a little behind look more like shadows, in a slice that is only a couple of millimetres thick.  And there is the similarity to a pupil …. So many opportunities there!
Just a bit of fun on a cloudy day.

Mum pointed out recently that I hum when I’m playing with my camera – I hadn’t been consciously aware of it.  I bet I was humming that day.

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  1. Dang ! I was trying to do something similar with a pear slice and a tomato but missed the mark entirely when I see your image Vicky. I love the sense of fun that you bring to your images and look forward to each one. You go girl !!

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