Tumatauenga – Tony Bridge

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Feb 012012
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What do you do when you no longer need to look in the mirror?                                                      
Why you look out the window, of course.
Of late, as I have relinquished any need to photograph, to complete the
image in the instant of exposure (unless that is the appropriate method for
the moment), doors have begun to open, and the barriers of photography have
begun to fall.
As a photographer, I am constrained by two things.
I am held in by the period of time in which my shutter is open, which is,
of necessity, a border and a frame. No matter that I may leave it open for
longer and attempt to generate the illusion of time passing, it is still a
Time Frame, with a finite moment of commencement, and a finite moment of
completion. My image is confined, imprisoned by the time between these two.
The camera is on a hiding to nothing when it attempts to take on Monet.
I am also inhibited by the frame. The format, the shape and the view in my
finder, electronic or optical, rein me in and if my act is one of
photography, holding to the traditions imposed upon me by the design of my
infernal machine or the photographic tupuna peering over my shoulder, then
there is no room for escape.
To leave the prison, I must first acknowledge it then release it. I cannot
escape until firstly I know I am imprisoned. Only then do I have the option
to leave. The door was never bared at all, and the sentries preventing me
from leaving are only in my mind.
Of course I may want to be an old lag and stay, to feel safe in my
Room-With-No-View, where I get a bed, three squares and the company of the
Or not.
I can leave any time I want.
Now I go hunting, seeking out raw material. It may sit for months. Or it may
be even years before it puts its hand up and wants into the conversation.
Ma te wa. When it is time.
Now the works come when they come. And I am OK with that.
They may resolve in minutes or hours or days or even weeks.
They generally show themselves more when I get out for the way. For I am
the vehicle, not the author, and the more I accept my Role-As-Instrument,
the more quickly thy show themselves.
Tumatauenga (Tu with the Angry Face) settled very quickly. Perhaps it was
because I was half-asleep, as most of us are at 0430!
Tumatauenga is on the one level the God of War. One the one hand he
represents anger and conflict. On the other he is about clarity and
I had been thinking about him on and off for some 6 months, but I wasn't
ready for him.
I had to get to know him first.

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  3 Responses to “Tumatauenga – Tony Bridge”

  1. Ah yes, but your created image is still constrained and restricted to the output frame and the viewer.

  2. aha… but who says you are constrained… the next step would be to start exploration of ways to output. Maybe this could be converted to a radio transmission to beam into the universe. I guess the constraints of the output frame are made for the viewer. And the willingness of the producer to explore all possibilities. 😉

  3. All tools come with their contraints. The camera , photoshop and all its plugins are just tools like a brush or chisel. The artist chooses which range of tools will best create their vision, which is without phyical restraints. However I think that the interaction between the artist , their tools and universe , for want of a better word, should not be underestimated. Often the tools contrubute to the finished product. In the way of opposites those contraints can be the very thing that is liberating and enlightening.

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