Waiting for the Green Flash

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Jan 312012
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It was cocktail hour on the evening before we left to come home from Rarotonga. No green flash this time as there was a bit much cloud ( or perhaps not enough rum).
There is something compelling about a sunset that forces a camera into your hand. I resisted it and was enjoying the company, the cocktails and the freedom to just watch and enjoy the play of the light. It was a fitting finale to a great week.
But I couldnt resist it completely so eventually I picked up my small camera and shot half a dozen frames as a pano stitch.
I almost felt annoyed with myself for giving in. My logic was if you want to photograph a sunset then do it properly. Scout a location with a compelling foreground, big camera on a tripod, mirror lock up, be there early, wait and hope. etc etcetc….Not just snap click.
When I processed this on my ipad something happened.
This just feels right

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  2 Responses to “Waiting for the Green Flash”

  1. Haven’t you had fun Ian :D. Very Olde Worlde and you got your green flash – it is all about the moment isn’t it? Enjoyable

  2. I do like it 🙂

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