Rena Volunteers – Michael Molloy

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Jan 302012
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Look on the greed and selfishness of the sanctimonious bankers who pilfer their bonuses from the pockets of the ordinary man; and despair.

But, look at the grit and goodness of the Christchurch man who grabs his spade for the second, third or sixth time to help his devastated neighbour; and rejoice

Now look at the smile on the face of my man in my pic; he has just spent 16 days cleaning seriously bad sh.t off rocks ! And he’s smiling ! No pay, just thanks and gratitude for the boys and girls who love us and love life.

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  3 Responses to “Rena Volunteers – Michael Molloy”

  1. Pauline: I think that one of the characteristic attributes of our craft is the capture of these historical moments. Well done Michael and welcome to a Gathering.

  2. An inspiring image, Mike – and your story adds so much to it. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for those great words Mike. Very truly done.

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