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Jan 292012
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This was supposed to be a great year. Next year is always supposed to be great as the Christmas season rolls around and I begin to think about what is in store after January 1st. A clean slate, no burden of lingering commitments, the promise of self improvement and an opportunity to finally make time for all those things I never had time to do in the past. Ahh, the magic of a new year.

It all started going downhill on December 23rd. Not because of yet another 6+ earthquake in Christchurch, but rather thanks to the worst Christmas present ever from our property manager which arrived on the same day. We were notified that we had to be out of our rental property by February 18th as the owners are coming back to occupy the house. No worries, the crisis was averted on the 31st by signing a lease for a different rental and resolving to build by the time it expired. Things were looking up again. A visit with friends, a session with the bottle of Glenmorangie and I was positive once more.

Meanwhile, back in November, I had committed to a voluntary role with the camera club for the year that I was truly excited about. I knew it would be time consuming, but I expected the reward would be worth the efforts. In the last 3 days, however, as I've been preparing for the first of many occasions in this role, the clouds have rolled in. This overcasting is completely out of my control and sucking the joy out of my efforts; making them obligations instead of achievements. I thought I was on sturdy ground and poised to enjoy a lovely view ahead, but now I am staring down an endless gray expanse of clouds.

Is it too soon to look forward to next year?

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  1. Oh my not a good start to the year, the clouds rolling in this early. Nice simple image, plenty of space for your imagination to allow what ever to come into view, maybe sunny skies no clouds.Come round have a really nice malt one night if you want, got a good one.

  2. Hey Dave, things looked so good going forward on first night at CPS. Will call you.

    Love the image though.

  3. Your image is beautiful and calming to me, but your words are sad. Thank you for your honesty Dave. Sounds like it’s time for some of us to step up and help out. My hand’s up. Call me when you can – soon – I’m more than happy to have words with some of those clouds!

  4. Kia Kaha 🙂

  5. You know what’s awesome? You’ve shared this stuff and allowed us all in to support. Maybe that’s what some of this is about, and new beginnings and opportunities. Sometimes the Universe gives us a push when we’ve missed the subtle messages. I hope that it’s not too long before you can look back and see how this has all been the right stuff to happen. Big hug coming your way.

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