What you doin cowboy?

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Jan 262012
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Capture that moment in time. What you doin cowboy it says it all to me in her stance, it was priceless him standing there at the rubbish drum having a leak, her wondering what was going on, it makes me smile every time I see this image.

Story telling that’s what it is all about, the right place at the right time. Keeping you eyes open looking for that priceless moment in time to capture, for all to enjoy.

“The Black & White image has always been the soul of photography. It’s almost as if there is more honesty in B&W than there is in colour. B&W reveals the truth of subtle shade & tonal shift. It has a simplicity, elegance, and beauty that defy description.” Quote by Vincent Versace from Welcome to OZ.

If you can get this book or the next one they are worth getting, second book is Welcome to OZ 2.0. It is a fantastic book, Amazon might have it but last I looked it is sold out again.

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  2 Responses to “What you doin cowboy?”

  1. Great shot Scott

  2. It made me smile as well Scott.

    For me B+W simplifies the image and lets the story stand out more

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