Go with the Flow

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Jan 252012
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It draws me in,

It carries me,

It envelops me, protecting me from the chaos and uncertainty that surrounds me,

It is desperately trying to take me on a journey,

It is gently encouraging me on,

It understands that I resist,

It doesn't judge me as I am kicking and screaming, defying it,

It understands what is best for me,

It accepts that, as yet, I cannot conceive its final destination,


Finally it swamps me and embraces me as I relent and pursue the  direction it has set for me. I may never understand its intricacies but one day maybe, just maybe I will.


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  3 Responses to “Go with the Flow”

  1. Im not sure that I need to understand – I just need to enjoy the ride.

    Beautiful Ferg……

  2. Nice image. I think going with the flow is not needing to understand but trusting the flow.

  3. Well said Tim. Great image Ferg.

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