The Performer and his Ventrilquist

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Jan 222012
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It’s all about the little guy

Stuart is a star!  He asked me to take some images for his new website to replace those I’d taken over a year ago.  And I asked him to be my guinea pig!
I thought I’d take the opportunity to gratefully accept Dave Slaten’s generous offer of the use of his home studio.  And I was amazed.  Having the right lighting, and the assistance of someone who obviously knew how to use it, made such a difference to the quality of the images, and also made the post-production work much easier.  But I couldn’t have done it without you, Dave – thank you!
Stuart enjoyed the experience and is thrilled with the results, though strangely enough this was not one of the images he chose for his site …. Well, not yet! 
The original image – the ‘little guy’ one – is entertaining on its own, but somehow it occurred to me to turn him into a finger puppet.  Perhaps I should have stopped there, but I then thought to add the ‘ventriloquist’.  The image reminds me of the programs we used to see on TV and stage shows when we were kids, where the cheeky puppet was always saying naughty or silly things that made us laugh till our sides hurt and the poor ventriloquist was constantly horrified by the things the puppet said.  The puppet was the star! 
Gosh, I love laughter!!

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  6 Responses to “The Performer and his Ventrilquist”

  1. He may be the ventrItquist but you are the magician. Great picture

  2. I Like your sense of humour Vicky

  3. I continue to be amazed at the way you come up with so many different ideas for your images. Your imagination is fantastic and your creative execution superb. Well done

  4. Your imagination is fantastic and really applies to the photography so well in your interpretation. Keep them rolling.

  5. Love it! I also learned a lot and very much enjoyed working together. You are welcome to come play photographer any time. We should probably visit with Ann to get a real lesson though.

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