Fun With Fish

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Jan 212012
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This picture is simply about having fun while snorkelling in the lagoon.

Before we went on holiday I bought myself a new toy. Basically it's a fancy double sealed plastic bag with a  high quality ( not!!!) Perspex port which you put your camera in to go swimming. I got one for my micro 4/3 Olympus. You can get them to fit a DSLR but I wasn't brave enough for one of those.

I had lots of fun swimming around trying to make friends with the fish and taking photos of the kids. This underwater stuff isn't as easy as it seems! I have much admiration for people who do this properly (hi Ann).

It is good to remember that your fancy camera can be a toy as well when you let it.

Now it's time to check out the prices for a real underwater housing!!,


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  3 Responses to “Fun With Fish”

  1. Very good Ian. You!ll need some underwater strobes too. Unless you stick to b/w. beware the slippery slope of underwater camera gear.

  2. That was me Tim

  3. This is Ann – can’t seem to write my name above for some reason. anyway, nice shot! Definitely fun! The most important thing to remember when looking for underwater gear is to never say the price outloud and never add it all up….definitely a very slippery slope once you start!! 🙂

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