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Jan 202012
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I have been working as of late on creating “fantasy” sets in the studio that have a bit of magic, imagination and fun. Once I got started on this, the possibilities seem to be endless. Ideas seem to pop into my head from anywhere these days. Some of the most common household items now have potential as magic… what was once a candle snuffer, now is Tinkerbell's house… what was once a towel, is now moss for the forest floor…what once was a jewellery box, is now a treasure chest… It's really all about the story we make up about something. I continue to be amazed at how well children immerse themselves into 'the story' and add to it with their own imagination.
All they need is permission and a bit of a lead-in….then, how much FUN it is once they jump in. Whereas this started with little girls in mind, brothers then wanted to jump in, but with their own characters, story and imagination.
How healing this has been for many, even with only leaving 'reality' for a short time…there's the power of laughter, imagination and fun.
When parents gasp and tears appear upon seeing the photos for the first time, I know I have done my job.

What is it about magic that touches our emotions?

Maybe we all need to make up a new story about something in our lives…


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  7 Responses to “Magic – Ann Worthy”

  1. Ann, that is simply fantastic! Please, please may I visit your next studio session !?!?

    • I don’t know about Dave in a pixie suit (yikes! 🙂 ), but will ask one of mom’s in an upcoming shoot if ok. And thanks very much for the nice words! 🙂

  2. Thank you Ann! Absolutely important reminder to play and fabricate, imagine and create. Where is it that we lose that childhood knowledge that anything is possible? I am sure that the parents and children will cherish the time that made these pictures.

    • Yes, you are right – it’s not only the child who has the fun. One of my favorite memories in a shoot was watching the mother out of the corner of my eye and how happy she was watching her child have so much fun with his imagination 🙂

  3. I love these Ann and Im delighted that they are going so well.

    The idea of seeing Dave in a pixie suit is really appealing. Please get him along and post the images!!!

  4. Absolute magic and every child’s dream to enter another world. They will cherish their photos forever.

  5. Wow! That is magic, Ann. Love it!

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