Islands in the Storm

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Jan 192012
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Circa 2007, this image has been one of my favorite landscape captures. I chanced upon it while driving to Glenorchy, ultimately Kinloch, to organize some details for my wedding. My wife and I were lamenting the downpour of rain that was certain to ruin our weekend of tramping after we finished with the obligatory sorting of nuptial topics with the locals. We turned the corner (and I mean the corner that everyone who has travelled this road knows) to a sudden but brief abatement in the rain. I literally squealed the tires to stop in the tiny shoulder area and managed about three releases of the shutter. Just as fast as it came, the break in the weather went away.

The real introspection of this image, for me anyway, is the fact that there is always a respite from the turmoil. The islands are obvious breaks. The light, however, is my glimmer of hope in front of the impending downpour that is parked over our destination. I love the light on the water because it has no tangible source through the blanketing clouds. I would have never expected to see it there if I were looking up. There is always an island in the storm. New friends, small treats, a deep breath or the breaking point that finally makes you realize you can let go and life will continue.

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  1. It’s just as well for us that you had the presence of mind to capture this. These days I would probably just look at it and then no one else would see the beauty and power you have captured here.

  2. Dave, this is another one of those images which show we have hope and light regardless of how dark everything seems – physically AND emotionally. Well seen. i remember seeing this image as a print and was impressed way back then

  3. This is the perfect picture of a time and a place with lots of memories. Your eye glides all around it and picks out the light the dark, the beams and the shapes. Exquisite.
    A special place for you.

  4. WOW, Glenorchy is where my heart is and Yes we all know the corner…next time I am driving up there in bad weather I will think again before driving by this amazing sight. Thanks.

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