Trevor at the Dojo

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Jan 152012
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I went along to the dojo with Dave, a fellow aGathering member. He had been asked to photograph these guys for their website and my best guess is he wanted free labour to help him. What other reason was there to take me on this job.
We arrived and I was introduced to Trevor, to be honest I found him quite a scary bloke. A bit rough around the edges with a reasonably harsh demeanour. I was initially quite intimidated by him in actual fact. 
All I wanted to do was get in, get the images and get out again as quick as possible. It turned out that Trevor is a lovely bloke, nothing like the first impression I had of him and I found him a lot of fun to be around and in that is a lesson we should all remember to consider each time we meet someone new.
First impressions, although important, are not always a very good gauge of a person's character. If we all took the time to get to know someone before judging them I'm sure the world would be a far better and safer place for us all.

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  1. Never judge a book by its cover, great action shot big guy. You are correct if we spent the time to get to know people before we put labels on them the world would be a better place, the only problem with that is that we are human. We like to stay with what is familiar & something or someone different can be hard for us to accept or not label as we see fit, & as you found out we can be wrong.
    I love the shadows in this image they add to the story, good job. Scott

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