The Gap

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Jan 142012
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Another of the images made from our Italy trip with John and Jackie Doogan. Again featuring an arch , a belief structure. This one seems to be bridging a gap between two buildings, dwelling places?, the hard physical world? The light space above is undoubtedly spiritual with its spire and lone bird in flight. Is the arch a belief structure that actually supports that spiritual space? Or does it form a gateway to that world? Or both . Is that spiritual space a religious one?, that needs a belief structure to support it. I'm a spiritual person but not a religious one, but I do seem to get churches and crosses in my images for some reason. It also seems to me that the archway it holding the two buildings apart and that they might slam shut without it. The doorway on the right seems important, does it lead into the physical world? If that's so then this space exists in the gap between physical matter, between moments.

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  1. Tim. One of the things I like about archways and doorways is that they often have quite different perspectives (I mean emotional not visual perspective) to a person going in to one going out.

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