Going or Coming – Patti Madsen

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Jan 102012
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People come and go in our lives. The ebb and flow is constant so nothing becomes stagnant.
“Going or Coming?” was taken to satisfy a workshop (The Mindful Eye) assignment to shoot the element of design, ’movement’. In searching through my images from earlier class projects, I realized an obvious common thread through out my work. The main subjects were consistently moving away from me and the mood was sombre and dark but I had been totally unconscious of this while composing.
My 15 year relationship had recently ended and I recognized that all my captures represented either people leaving, vehicles departing, or a sense of separation and obvious exit.
Staggering for me is how dramatic the impact of my changing life circumstances has been on my photography recently. Positive? Perhaps. Scary? Definitely. More relevant? Yes.

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  8 Responses to “Going or Coming – Patti Madsen”

  1. Welcome Patti and thank you for sharing a lovely image and an interesting insite into yous life. Its an honour for our group to have people come in as guests and share so freely. Thank you.

  2. Hi Patti, great to have your image here. Sorry about the changing life circumstances, you will see a change in your photography, an emotional change, If you get a change listen to the NIK radio pod cast from FALCON, very enlightening.Great thoughtful image.

  3. Thanks again for the lovely afternoon and for sharing with the wider group (i.e. anyone who stumbles across this site!). I look forward to watching your work evolve from classic ‘Patti Madsen’ to journey down an introspective visual path.

  4. Patti this really does show that our photography reflects our life and inner thoughts. Maybe it is a mindreader? I may have to be careful. This image is really thought provoking and has its mystery.

  5. Subscribed to the NIK radio podcast today. Thanks, Scott.

  6. Forgot to sign my name to the NIK comment.

  7. I love this image. Looks to me like pivoting on the line changing direction. Isnt it interesting how our photographs can reflect or tell us something before we a consciously aware of it. Such a useful insight tool.

  8. Have recently been going through a lot of images sitting on my laptop and found some repetitions of mood / emotion that stunned me too. Our photographs really do reflect where we are at on a conscious and/or subconcious level

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