Aix en Provence

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Jan 072012
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My first time in Provence in southern France and the quaint old town of Aix was just charming.

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  1. John, I think I need to get some instruction from you and Scott on creating beautiful black and white images. I love the way we have all been creating and sharing our images and how you can look at each one and let your mind create the stories and emotions that are stimulated by the images. Aren’t we lucky to be able to share this with others.

  2. Would love too ,I will send you some links to where I have been getting inspiration.B&W is not about Technical excellence but it is about EMOTION & telling that story that holds the viewers eye & pulls them into the image to imagine!

    • Great, thanks Scott. One of my aims through this group was to improve my technical skills and yet I understand what you are saying. I just get frustrated not being able to bring the emotion to completion through technical inaptitude,

  3. Its not your technical in aptitude that gets in the way, more than likely it is you, let the artist within come out, I have spent the last year & a bit getting out of my own way & it has made a difference.Let your heart tell you what to do then the emotion will come through, but remember if you are not moved to take the image in the first place how are you going to move others?

  4. John, I too have enjoyed your black and white images on this site. I am most impressed, however, with your ability to create and share wonderful images that make me feel like I am traveling just a few days behind you and seeing a ‘real’ snapshot of the world through your lens. You are beginning to perfect the ‘Suckling’ travel photography style… and without much architecture at all!

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