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Jan 062012
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Took this image using a young model one afternoon in my backyard.

We had soo much FUN.

We took a series of images where he put his head in a bucket of water then lifted it out shook his head & where the hair stopped I photographed.

Some interesting images I must say, well at one point he was just standing there lost in thought, I thought where has his imagination taken him too, it was a fleeting moment, easily missed but am happy I caught it.

Photography for me is more about capturing that moment in time that will never happen again, to tell a story, to let the viewer journey into the image & get captivated in the experience.

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  5 Responses to “Imagination”

  1. Interesting combination of elements,Scott. And they work – especially with the title you have chosen. I wonder what he really was thinking when you said – another dunking please! Yes, you have caught him in thought – well done

  2. For me Scott, you have done more than “capture” a moment – you have made one.

    The whole dunking thing made the thoughtful moment. You then saw it and have made a story around it.

    Very kool

  3. Thanks guys, I am in the process of doing a series of these images, imagination using the waterfall, alot of fun.
    Glad you like this image

  4. Scott, I really like this. I will look forward to your series of work as it has a great deal of potential… keep ’em coming.

  5. Scott, this is tremendous insight you have for this. It is perfect with the child and the wet hair, the waterfall and the birds swirling around, and entangled in the hair. Great work.

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