Heritage Lost

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Jan 052012
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We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
Winston Churchill

I guess it's easy, coming out of Christchurch, to feel sentimental about old buildings.
Buildings after all, on initial inspection, are nothing more than a clever way of piling building materials but upon closer examination and consideration they are the foundations of our society and the way we recognise just where we are in the world. I show you a picture of the Eiffel Tower and you immediately know it's in France if I was to show you a picture of the French countryside you wouldn't even have an idea where it might be.
This is an image of the old Maltexo factory in Dunedin, it's an iconic building or should I say was an iconic building in Dunedin. It's sad to see buildings like this demolished
It seems that people are only too quick to knock over old buildings and replace them with new ones with, in many cases, no consideration as to just how the old building could fit the purpose of the replacement. The situation currently Christchurch is quite different and unique in this area but the rest of the country has to be a bit careful that they don't get carried away.
Think before demolition!!!

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  1. … and here’s me thinking this was potentially a whisky distillery. You’re right about the buildings – they carry so much of our history and culture steeped into the stones, I hate to see them destroyed willingly. Sadly what has happened in Christchurch is probably only going to make the dream of finding new ways to utilize old spaces less and less likely as all those who see a buck wanting to stop run for cover.

  2. Ferg I love what you find in old buildings, there is always some beauty or meaning. The process is really good on this. I try to learn something from you, and look at places like this, but never seem to get the emotion you do.
    Long may you continue to record these places as one day they will not be here, as we found in Christchurch.

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